Number of sperm ejaculated by a bull

Range 5e9 - 15e9 sperms/ejaculate
Organism Cow Bos Taurus
Reference Parker GA. Why are there so many tiny sperm? Sperm competition and the maintenance of two sexes. J Theor Biol. 1982 May 21 96(2):281-94. p.290 bottom paragraphPubMed ID7121030
Primary Source Polge, C. (1972). In: Artificial Control of Reproduction (Austin, C. R. & Short, R. V. ed.), p. 1. Cambridge Univeristy Press. & Bishop, M. W. H & Walton (1961). In: Sex and Internal Secretions. vol. II, 3rd ed. (Young. W. C. rd.), pp. 707-795. London: Balliere, Tindall & Cox.
Comments "The number of sperm ejaculated by a bull is 5-15?10^9 (primary sources). The sperm is one twenty thousandth the size of the bovine egg (Bishop & Walton, 1960), giving an anisogamy ratio of 2x10^4."
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