Cell dimensions and cell volumes for B. subtilis and S. aureus

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Organism bacteria
Reference Maass S et al., Efficient, global-scale quantification of absolute protein amounts by integration of targeted mass spectrometry and two-dimensional gel-based proteomics. Anal Chem. 2011 Apr 1 83(7):2677-84. Supplementary information table S5a (B.subtilis) pp.49-50 (S.aureus) table S5b pp.51-52PubMed ID21395229
Method "Length and width of the cells were determined on the photographs with the help of ImageJ software. Volumes of cells were calculated assuming a cylinder and two hemispheres for the rod-shaped Bacillus cells. Cell size determination of S. aureus cells using scanning electron microscopy."
Comments See note beneath table (p.S53)
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