Mass-specific metabolic rates q across life

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Reference Makarieva AM, Gorshkov VG, Li BL, Chown SL, Reich PB, Gavrilov VM. Mean mass-specific metabolic rates are strikingly similar across life's major domains: Evidence for life's metabolic optimum. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Nov 4 105(44):16994-9. p.16997 table 1PubMed ID18952839
Method The database comprising mass-specific metabolic rates of 3,006 aerobic species was compiled by literature search. Where a few values for one and the same species were available, the lowest value was taken.
Comments Frequency distributions by taxonomic groups of the log transformed (wet), mass-specific metabolic rates of the 3,006 species show that the range in mean rates varies 30-fold among groups that include species varying 10^20-fold in body mass (Fig. 1 and Table 1).
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