Kinetic parameters of wild-type and evolved R. rubrum Rubiscos

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Organism Bacteria Rhodospirillum rubrum
Reference Mueller-Cajar O, Morell M, Whitney SM. Directed evolution of rubisco in Escherichia coli reveals a specificity-determining hydrogen bond in the form II enzyme. Biochemistry. 2007 Dec 11 46(49):14067-74. p. 14072 table 2PubMed ID18004873
Method The purified Rubisco preparations were used to measure the Michaelis constants for substrates CO2 (Kc) and ribulose-P2 (KRuBP) at 25 °C, pH 8, using 14CO2- fixation assays according to Whitney et al., 1995 PMID: 7740046.
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