Size of satellite bacteriophage P4 myovirus capsid

Value 45 nm Range: Table - link nm
Organism Bacteriophage P4
Reference Baker TS, Olson NH, Fuller SD. Adding the third dimension to virus life cycles: three-dimensional reconstruction of icosahedral viruses from cryo-electron micrographs. Microbiol Mol Biol Rev. 1999 Dec63(4):862-922PubMed ID10585969
Primary Source Dokland T, Lindqvist BH, Fuller SD. Image reconstruction from cryo-electron micrographs reveals the morphopoietic mechanism in the P2-P4 bacteriophage system. EMBO J. 1992 Mar11(3):839-46PubMed ID1547786
Method cryo-electron microscopy and three-dimensional image reconstruction
Comments The satellite bacteriophage P4 does not have genes coding for any major structural proteins, but assembles a capsid from the gene products of bacteriophage P2. The capsid assembled under control of P4 is smaller (45 nm) than the normal P2 capsid (60 nm). For text version of table see - link
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