Wavelength of solar electromagnetic radiation reaching the earth surface

Range 300-4000 nm
Organism Biosphere
Reference Jones HG, Archer N, Rotenberg E, Casa R. Radiation measurement for plant ecophysiology. J Exp Bot. 2003 Mar54(384):879-89PubMed ID12598559
Comments For ecophysiological purposes, the most important division (of the electromagnetic spectrum) is into solar radiation derived from the sun (between about 0.3µm and 4µm) and terrestrial thermal radiation (4-100µm). See Claassens et al., 2013 PMID 24120288, p.637 right column bottom paragraph:"The solar spectrum on the earth surface starts around 300 nm and extents into the infrared wavelengths above 700 nm [ref 46 therein]."
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