Lectin molecular mass

Value 39 kDa
Organism Legume Sesbania aculeata
Reference Biswas S, Saroha A, Das HR. A lectin from Sesbania aculeata (Dhaincha) roots and its possible function. Biochemistry (Mosc). 2009 Mar74(3):329-35.PubMed ID19364328
Method A lectin was isolated from the roots of Sesbania aculeata. This is a glucose specific lectin having 39 kDa subunit molecular weight.
Comments The lectin was purified by affinity chromatography using Sephadex G-50 and found to have 28% homology with Arabidopsis thaliana lectin-like protein (accession No. CAA62665). The lectin binds with lipopolysaccharide isolated from different rhizobial strains indicating the plants interaction with multiple rhizobial species.
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