Elasticity of intranuclear region of mouse embryonic tissue cell

Value 180 dyn/cm^2
Organism Mammalian tissue culture cell
Reference Tseng Y, Lee JS, Kole TP, Jiang I, Wirtz D. Micro-organization and visco-elasticity of the interphase nucleus revealed by particle nanotracking. J Cell Sci. 2004 Apr 15117(Pt 10):2159-67.PubMed ID15090601
Method Through the use of particle nanotracking, researchers detect and quantify the micro-organization as well as the viscoelastic properties of the intranuclear region in single, live, interphase somatic cells.
Comments The intranuclear region is much stiffer than the cytoplasm. It is also more elastic than viscous, which reveals that the intranuclear region displays an unexpectedly strong solid-like behavior. 1 Poise = 1 g·cm^-1·s^-1.
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