Diffusion coefficient of telomere in nucleus of human U2OS osteosarcoma cells

Value 1.8e-4 μm^2/sec
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Jegou T, Chung I, Heuvelman G, Wachsmuth M, Görisch SM, Greulich-Bode KM, Boukamp P, Lichter P, Rippe K. Dynamics of telomeres and promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies in a telomerase-negative human cell line. Mol Biol Cell. 2009 Apr20(7):2070-82PubMed ID19211845
Method Fluorescence Microscopy, Metaphase Spreads, Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization, Multicolor FISH, and PNA FISH, Mobility Measurements-For single-particle tracking maximum intensity projections of three-dimensional (3D) stacks along the Z-axis were used.
Comments The majority of telomeres moved in a confined region with an apparent radius of ~0.5 µm and a short-range diffusion coefficient of 1.8·10^-4 µm^2·s-1, as inferred from the plateau and initial slope of the MSD versus time plot.
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