Absolute minimum ATP cost of an Action Potential

Value 1e+6 molecules of ATP per square cm of membrane
Organism Unspecified
Reference Aiello GL, Bach-y-Rita P. The cost of an action potential. J Neurosci Methods. 2000 Nov 30103(2):145-9.PubMed ID11084206
Method Calculated from value of 1e11-1e12 ATP/ cm^2 of membrane per action potential (BNID 104192), assuming a fiber diameter of 1 mm, and a node length of 2 mm (Dowling, 1992), the depolarizable surface is about 10^-7 cm^2. Thus, the minimum cost would be 10^6 ATP per AP, which matches the cost of depolarizing the unmyelinated axon of the large monopolar cell in the blowfly retina (Laughlin et al., 1998, BNID 103554).
Comments An absolute minimum cost is estimated at a node of Ranvier, where the exposed membrane surface is minimal, and the density of ion channels sufficient to regenerate an AP.
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