Diffusion coefficient of polyA mRNA in nucleus of HeLa cell

Range 0.03-0.1 µm^2/sec
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Misteli T. Physiological importance of RNA and protein mobility in the cell nucleus. Histochem Cell Biol. 2008 Jan129(1):5-11PubMed ID17994245
Primary Source Politz JC, Tuft RA, Prasanth KV, Baudendistel N, Fogarty KE, Lifshitz LM, Langowski J, Spector DL, Pederson T. Rapid, diffusional shuttling of poly(A) RNA between nuclear speckles and the nucleoplasm. Mol Biol Cell. 2006 Mar17(3):1239-49.PubMed ID16371503
Method Fluorescein-labeled oligo(dT) was introduced into HeLa cells stably expressing a red fluorescent protein chimera of the splicing factor SC35 and allowed to hybridize.
Comments RNA motion within the nucleus is rapid and non-directional. Several methodological approaches involving fluorescently labeled, microinjected, engineered or endogenous RNAs demonstrate that ribosomal RNAs as well as polyA-RNAs move freely in a non-directional manner with a diffusion coefficient of 0.03–0.1 µm^2 s-1 within the nucleus
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