Replication rate of T7 bacteriophage DNA leading strand

Value 164 bp/sec Range: ±20 bp/sec
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Lee JB, Hite RK, Hamdan SM, Xie XS, Richardson CC, van Oijen AM. 2006.DNAprimase acts as a molecular brake in DNA replication. Nature 439:621–24PubMed ID16452983
Method in vitro, single molecule measurements. The 5' end of one strand of a 48.5 kilobase (kb)-long duplex lambda phage DNA molecule is attached to the bottom surface of a glass flow cell using a biotin–streptavidin linker. The opposite 3' end bears a digoxigenin moiety and is linked to a bead that is 2.8 microm in diameter and coated with anti-digoxigenin antibody
Comments The rate of leading-strand synthesis (164±20 bps^-1, n = 13) is identical to that measured in ensemble experiments [ref 22], confirming that the force exerted on the DNA has no influence on the enzymatic activities.
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