"Rule of thumb" for transforming one molecule per cell to units of concentration in HeLa cell

Value 0.1 pM
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Calculated according to cell volume, please see Measurement Method
Method Calculated using Avogadro's constant according to one cell volume=5000 µm^3=5×10^-12 liter (BNID 103 719). 1 particle / 5×10^-12 liter=X particles/liter >> X=2×10^11 particles/liter 2×10^11 (particles/liter)/6×10^23 (particles/mole)=~3×10^-13 M=0.3pM=~0.1 pM. Taking range of HeLa cell volumes as 500-5000 µm^3 (range of 760-2730 µm^3 BNID 103725), and calculating similarly, a concentration of 1nM means 10^3-10^4 molecules per cell.
Comments pM=1e-12Molar. For 1000molecules/cell=1nM (1molecule=1pM) concentration in eukaryotic cell see Luby-Phelps 2000 PMID 10553280 p.191 top paragraph
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