Rule of thumb for time it takes hemoglobin to diffuse across erythrocyte

Value 1 sec
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Calculated according to human red blood cell diameter. Please see Measurement Method
Method Taking X, distance to be traveled, as 8µm (BNID 100798) and D of protein as 10µm^2/sec (5-15 µm^2/sec BNID 100 193, 100198). According to equation of diffusion (in 3 dimensions): t diffusion=X^2/(6×D). (8µm)^2/60µm^2/sec=1.07sec˜1sec.
Comments D of hemoglobin in water is 63µm^2/sec, higher than in cytoplasm. See BNID 104086, Table - link
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