Total number of virions produced per cell (burst size) of influenza A

Range 1000-10,000 virions/cell
Organism Influenza
Reference Stray SJ, Air GM. Apoptosis by influenza viruses correlates with efficiency of viral mRNA synthesis. Virus Res. 2001 Sep77(1):3-17. p.8 top of left columnPubMed ID11451482
Method p.7 right column:"Virus growth was assessed in MDCK cells with or without sialidase treatment (Table 1). For each strain, titerable and viable virus was produced even with complete desialylation of monolayers prior to and during virus infection."
Comments "Burst size (progeny virus per infected cell) was calculated for each virus infecting untreated MDCK cells and found to be 1,000–10,000 particles per cell for each, similar to the previously reported yield from chicken allantois (Cairns 1952 PMID 14946411)." For value of 100 virions/cell see BNID 104852
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