Size of photosystem 1 (PSI) in plants

Range 12-19 nm
Organism Plants
Reference The structure of a plant photosystem I supercomplex at 3.4 Å resolution, Alexey Amunts, Omri Drory, Nathan Nelson Nature 447, 58-63 (3 May 2007)PubMed ID17476261
Method Proteins extracted from Pea- Pisum sativum, var. alaska thylakoids. X ray crystalography
Comments The crystal form contains one complex in the asymmetric unit, with unit cell parameters a = 124.87 Angstrom, b = 187.27 Angstrom, c = 131.96 Angstrom, beta = 91.03°. X ray crystalography at 3.4 Å resolution. For dimensions at 4.4 Å resolution by same authors see BNID 103907
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