Radius of aorta

Range ~1.5 cm
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Optimality principles in biology, Rosen, Plenum press 1967, p.53 2nd paragraph
Comments P.53 2nd paragraph: "The correct value of the radius of the human aorta is approximately 1.5 cm, so one can see immediately that optimality of the aortic radius is not determined by the cost functional ([p.48, equation] 3.8)." Note-Dreyer et al., 1912, link p.51 table 12, the average radius of aorta of 6 observations is 8.2mm. Also note-Gupta et al., 2008 PMID 18595808 p.1892 right column 3rd paragraph give (in a model) constant radius of 16mm.
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