Standard Gibbs free energy of ATP hydrolysis at pH=7

Range -28.0 to -33.5 Table - link kJ/mol
Organism Generic
Reference Rosing, J., and Slater, E.C. The value of G degrees for the hydrolysis of ATP. 1972. Biochim Biophys Acta. 267(2):275-90. link p.287 Table VIII PubMed ID4402900
Comments P.288 2nd paragraph: "Reversal of the calculation carried out to obtain Kref from Kobs yields -ΔG°obs values referring to various conditions (Tables VIII and IX). In Fig. 3 is plotted the variation of -ΔG°obs with pMg at different pH values." The range is due to different ionic strengths and different concentrations of Mg2+. (-33.5kJ/mol is at [Mg2+]=0mM and ionic strength 0, -27.9kJ/mol is at [Mg2+]=10mM and ionic strength 0.1). See table for a more extensive range of values under different conditions.
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