Misincorporation rate of Amino acids in translation for cysteine mutations

Range 0.0013 to 0.004 Table - link Mismatched/matched amino acid
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Bouadloun F, Donner D, Kurland CG. Codon-specific missense errors in vivo. EMBO J. 1983 2(8):1351-6. p.1355 table VIPubMed ID10872330
Method P.1351 right column 3rd paragraph: "[Researchers'] experimental strategy depends on the ability to identify and purify a polypeptide with a nominal sequence that does not contain the amino acid responsible for the missense substitution under study. As shown in article, the polypeptide can be either a whole protein or an excisable sequence within a whole protein. A second requirement of their method is the availability of a chemical reagent or enzyme that will specifically cleave the polypeptide at the particular amino acid position in the polypeptide at which the putative missense event occurs. Finally, the substituted polypeptide must be resistant to the cleavage reaction. When these conditions are met, a simple combination of radioisotopic measurements of polypeptides fractionated in polyacrylamide gels permits to estimate a specific missense error rate at a particular position in a protein."
Comments P.1355 left column top paragraph: "The data for the cysteine missense incorporation of the different strains is summarized in Table VI." 0.0013 in wildtype (017) strain (cys>>arg). 0.004 in wildtype (017) strain (cys>>trp). See BNID 103454
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