Median misreading rate by LystRNAs per codon

Value 3.4e-4 errors/codon Range: 2e-4 - 3.6e-3 Table - link errors/codon
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Kramer EB, Farabaugh PJ. The frequency of translational misreading errors in E. coli is largely determined by tRNA competition. RNA. 2007 Jan13(1):87-96. p.90 table 1PubMed ID17095544
Method P.89 left column 2nd paragraph: "In order to better understand the range of translational missense error rates in vivo in E. coli, [researchers] developed a reporter system to quantify the frequency of each type of misreading error at a defined codon. [Their] approach was to measure activity of mutant forms of the firefly luciferase (F-luc) enzyme with inactivating mutations in an essential active-site lysine residue. The chosen codon, Lysine 529 (K529) of F-luc, highly conserved within a superfamily of adenylate-forming enzymes, orients the substrates ATP and luciferin in the active site (Branchini et al. 2000). The substrates make multiple contacts with the lysine side chain. No other side chain could interact equivalently, suggesting that any protein lacking this residue should be inactive."
Comments P.93 left column 2nd paragraph: "Here [Researchers] report the whole range of possible misreading errors by a single tRNA species at a single site. The results of this work provide an unbiased comparison of relative frequencies of all the possible errors. Using mutant forms of the firefly luciferase gene with point mutations in an essential lysine residue (K529), [they] have found that misreading events by tRNALys UUU occur at frequencies that vary from as high as 3.6×10^-3 (at an AGA codon) to a low of no more than 2.0×10^-4 (at a GAA codon), a range of 18-fold. The median rate of misreading on the 24 codons tested was no more than 3.4×10^-4 per codon." See BNID 103454, 105069
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ID 105069