Genome size

Value 511 Mbp
Organism Physcomitrella patens
Reference G. Schween, G. Gorr, A. Hohe, R. Reski, Unique Tissue-Specific Cell Cycle in Physcomitrella, Plant Biology 2003 Volume 5 Issue 1, Pages 50-58 DOI: 10.1055/s-2003-37984 abstract & p.52 left column bottom paragraph
Method Flow cytometry
Comments "Here [researchers] report, based on flow cytometric (FCM) data, that the basic nuclear DNA content per cell of Physcomitrella is 0.53 pg, equating to a genome size of 1 C = 511 Mbp." "Assuming Phaseolus to have 0.7pg/1C (Marie and Brown, 1993) and Pisum to have 4.42pg/1C (Greilhuber and Ebert, 1994), Physcomitrella nuclei were calculated to have a DNA content of 0.53±0.01pg/1C (data not shown). Taking into account that mosses are haploid, and using the estimation that 1pg DNA equals about 965 million base pairs (Arumuganathan and Earle, 1991), the genome size of Physcomitrella patens (Hedw.) B. S. G. was determined to be 511 Mbp." For more data on P. patens see BNID 105322 Table - link
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