Measured lipid mass percentages of dry biomass (for previously measured values see 'Comments' section)

Range E. coli 6.7%: Synechococcus 7002 9.0%: A. acidocaldarius 3.4% Table - link %
Organism bacteria
Reference Ashley E. Beck, Kristopher A. Hunt, and Ross P. Carlson, Measuring Cellular Biomass Composition for Computational Biology Applications, Processes 2018, 6(5), 38, doi:10.3390/pr6050038 p.11 figure 3(b) and bottom paragraph
Method P.11 top paragraph: "Notes: Weights were measured with a Mettler Toledo MT5 microbalance with accuracy to 0.001 mg and were recorded as an average of three measurements. A blank reaction containing 0.6 mL water was also performed as a control." For detailed method please see p.10 bottom paragraph section 6.2
Comments P.11 bottom paragraph: "Lipid percentages of dry biomass for all three species are shown in Figure 3b. The lipid percentage obtained for E. coli (6.7%) is lower than the value of 9.1% reported by Neidhardt et al. [ref 32], which may be due to differences in methods or strains, while the measured percentages for Synechococcus 7002 (9.0%) are also comparable with previously measured lipid and chlorophyll values by Vu et al. [ref 46], i.e., 8.8%, 5.6%, and 3.8% for carbon-, light-, and nitrogen-limited conditions, respectively, who also used the Bligh and Dyer method. The percentage obtained for A. acidocaldarius (3.4%) is similar to a previously published report of 3.6% [ref 62], which used a 2:1 chloroform/methanol extraction method. Differences between the current measurements and previously reported values may reflect differences in culturing conditions or the influence of specific procedural details."
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