Number of stem cells (spermatogonia) in testis

Range mouse ≈35,000: rat ≈350,000 spermatogonia
Organism Rodent
Reference de Rooij DG, Russell LD. All you wanted to know about spermatogonia but were afraid to ask. J Androl. 2000 Nov-Dec21(6):776-98 p.780 right column top paragraphPubMed ID11105904
Primary Source Tegelenbosch RA, de Rooij DG. A quantitative study of spermatogonial multiplication and stem cell renewal in the C3H/101 F1 hybrid mouse. Mutat Res. 1993 290 :193–200.PubMed ID7694110
Method Primary source abstract: "In whole mounts of seminiferous tubules of C3H/101 F1 hybrid mice, spermatogonia were counted in various stages of the epithelial cycle. Furthermore, the total number of Sertoli cells per testis was estimated using the disector method."
Comments P.780 right column top paragraph: "A mouse testis contains about 35,000 As spermatogonia (primary source). In a rat testis weighing about 10 times more, one can speculate that there will be about 350,000 stem cells per rat testis."
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