Distribution of insects visiting flowers in a Mediterranean plant community

Range ants 58.5% beetles 12% flies 9.5% honey bees 6.4% wild bees 6.4% wasps 5.2%
Organism Insect
Reference Bosch J, Retana J, Cerdá X. Flowering phenology, floral traits and pollinator composition in a herbaceous Mediterranean plant community. Oecologia. 1997 Feb109(4):583-591. doi: 10.1007/s004420050120 abstractPubMed ID28307343
Method Abstract: "The relationships between flowering plants and their insect visitors were studied in a Mediterranean grassland in north-east Spain. Floral traits (size, shape, symmetry, and colour), floral rewards (pollen and nectar), flowering period, and floral visitors were recorded for the 17 most abundant plants in the community. Flowering was year-round, but most species flowered in spring."
Comments Abstract: "The three species that flowered after spring had small flowers, but the distribution of floral features (including rewards offered) did not show a strong seasonality. Ants contributed 58.5% to the flower visits recorded. Other frequent visitors were beetles (12%), flies (9.5%), honey bees (6.4%), wild bees (6.4%), and wasps (5.2%). Honey bees were most abundant in April, wild bees from April to July, beetles from May to July, and ants from May to September."
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