Efficiency of formation of hydroperoxides (number of hydroperoxide groups formed per HO• × 100) on free amino acids (20 mM)

Range Table - link number of hydroperoxide groups formed per HO• × 100
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Reference Davies MJ. Protein oxidation and peroxidation. Biochem J. 2016 Apr 1 473(7):805-25. doi: 10.1042/BJ20151227 p.811 table 7PubMed ID27026395
Primary Source [135] Gebicki S., Gebicki J.M. (1993) Formation of peroxides in amino acids and proteins exposed to oxygen free radicals. Biochem. J. 289:743–749 doi:10.1042/bj2890743PubMed ID8435071
Comments P.810 right column bottom paragraph: "Free amino acids exposed to γ -irradiation (e.g. 60Co) in the presence of O2 can give high hydroperoxide yields with these being formed in a radiation dose-dependent manner [primary source 135, refs 13,115,116,134,136]. Exclusion of O2 prevents their formation. The levels detected with all the common free amino acids are summarized in Table 7 [primary source 135], with the maximum levels corresponding to ∼40% of the initial HO•, under conditions where all the HO• should be scavenged by the amino acids (>∼10 mM) [ref 134, primary source 135]."
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