Fraction of energy needed to recycle web out of that needed to rebuild web from the beginning

Value 3.8 %
Organism Spider
Reference Mustafa Özilgen, Review on biothermoydnamics applications: timeline, challenges, and opportunities, International journal of energy research, 26 January 2017, DOI: 10.1002/er.3712 p.1520 left column bottom paragraph
Primary Source [18] Özilgen M, Sorgüven E. Biothermodynamics, Principles and Applications. Taylor & Francis: USA, 2016 [149] Peakall DB, Witt PN. The energy budget of an orb web building spider. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 1976 54: 187–190PubMed ID4268
Comments P.1520 left column bottom paragraph: "The energy efficiency of the silken web-making process determines the sustainability of the life of the spiders. They may eat their web and rebuild it at a different location at a very modest energy expenditure. A web may be recycled by using only 3.8% of the energy that would be needed to rebuild it from the very beginning, for example, synthesis of the silk for web making [primary sources]."
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