Total amount of dry weight concentration per OD730

Value 148 mg/L/OD730 Range: ±39 mg/L/OD730
Organism Cyanobacteria Synechocystis PCC 6803
Reference Wei Du et al., Photonfluxostat: A method for light-limited batch cultivation of cyanobacteria at different, yet constant, growth rates, Algal Research, Volume 20, December 2016, Pages 118-125 link p.122 right column bottom paragraph
Method P.119 right column bottom paragraph: "[Investigators] used the cultivation set-up described above to test specific growth-rate dependent responses of Synechocystis. [They] ran a total of 39 completely independent (parallel) photonfluxostat cultivations at different growth rates by varying the light intensity per OD720."
Comments P.122 right column bottom paragraph: "The data collected here as a function of growth rate regarding biomass concentration (independently measured in gDW/L and OD730), cell numbers per volume per OD730, and average cell volume, can be further explored. As mentioned above, average cell volume increased as cells grew faster (Fig. 2A), while cell numbers decreased constantly (Fig. 2B). The total amount of dry weight concentration per OD730 remained relatively constant (148 ± 39 mg/L/OD730), implying that the single cell weight increase (likely caused by the increased cell volume, Fig. S7), is counterweighed by the decreased cell numbers per volume per OD730."
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