Survival rate of ES [embryonic stem] cell lines

Range by the slow-cooling method <1%: by investigators' modified vitrification method 15%-20% %
Organism Macaque Macaca fascicularis
Reference Suemori H. Establishment and therapeutic use of human embryonic stem cell lines. Hum Cell. 2006 May19(2):65-70. DOI: 10.1111/j.1749-0774.2006.00011.x p.67 right column top paragraphPubMed ID16879558
Comments P.67 right column top paragraph: "Efficiency of cryopreservation of human ES cell lines has been reported to be very low and this makes it difficult to distribute cell lines. [Investigators] previously reported an efficient cryopreservation method for primate ES cell lines based on vitrification method, and it showed high survival rates upon cryopreservation of a human ES cell line [ref 11]. [They] applied this improved method to the other two ES cell lines. Vitrification cryopreservation efficiency was much higher than that achieved by the conventional slow-cooling method. Survival rate by the slow-cooling method was less than 1%, whereas those by [their] modified vitrification method was 15–20%."
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