Overall mean nuclear diameters of nuclei of 5 major cell types found in normal human lung tissue

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Crapo JD, Barry BE, Gehr P, Bachofen M, Weibel ER. Cell number and cell characteristics of the normal human lung. Am Rev Respir Dis. 1982 Aug126(2):332-7. DOI: 10.1164/arrd.1982.126.2.332 p.334 table 1PubMed ID7103258
Method Abstract: "Eight normal human lungs obtained from patients dying from causes not related to the lung were subjected to morphometric analysis to determine the number of cells in the alveolar region and their mean volume and surface characteristics."
Comments P.334 left column bottom paragraph: "Morphometric analysis revealed that the mean nuclear diameter of endothellial cells was significantly larger than that for type I, type II, and interstitial cells with p<0.01 for all 3 comparisons (table 1). Endothelial cell nuclei had the largest mean caliper diameter of all cells (8.77±1.0 µm SD) and macrophage nuclei were second largest (8.33±0.86 µm SD). Both mean values, however, had variations that were large enough to obliterate a significant difference. The macrophage overall mean nuclear diameter was statistically different from that of type II cells (p<0.01) and had a moderately significant interaction with interstitial cell and type I cell mean nuclear diameters with p=0.1 and p=0.05, respectively. Although type I, type II, and interstitial cell nuclei exhibited no significant difference in mean nuclear diameters between groups, they showed strong internal consistency when a test of significance was performed within each group of 10. This indicates that the mean value determined for each group was the best estimate of each population’s overall mean caliper diameter."
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