Chemical fermentation characteristics in ruminal and fermenter samples

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Organism Ruminants
Reference Ziemer CJ et al., Comparison of microbial populations in model and natural rumens using 16S ribosomal RNA-targeted probes. Environ Microbiol. 2000 Dec2(6):632-43. p.635 table 2PubMed ID11214796
Method Abstract: "A model rumen system, dual-flow continuous culture fermenters, was evaluated by two comparative criteria in two experiments using ribosomal (r)RNA-targeted DNA probes to compare key microbial groups in samples. The initial experiment measured temporal changes in population structure during adaptation of ruminal microbial populations in fermenters over 240 h."
Comments P.635 left column top paragraph: "Chemical fermentation characteristics were similar between ruminal and fermenter samples, although total VFA [volatile fatty acids] concentration tended to be higher in fermenter samples than ruminal samples (P=0.07) (Table 2). Lactate was not detected in any sample. Ruminal pH was higher than the pH maintained in the fermenters (Table 2). Proportions of acetate and branched chain fatty acids (sum of isobutyrate, isovalerate and 2-methylbutyrate) were higher and valerate was lower in the ruminal than in the fermenter samples (Table 2)."
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