Estimates of total ecosystem carbon for the globe and discriminated per biome

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Reference Carvalhais et al., Global covariation of carbon turnover times with climate in terrestrial ecosystems. Nature. 2014 Oct 9 514(7521):213-7. doi: 10.1038/nature13731. Extended data table 1PubMed ID25252980
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Method Abstract: "Here [investigators] present a global, spatially explicit and observation-based assessment of whole-ecosystem carbon turnover times that combines new estimates of vegetation and soil organic carbon stocks and fluxes."
Comments P.213 right column 2nd paragraph: "Per unit area, the total carbon stocks vary largely between and within biomes (Fig. 1a), where tropical forests and northern high latitudes exhibit the highest stocks. Substantial uncertainties are located in tundra regions (interquartile range over the mean, ~38%) and in tropical savannahs and grasslands (~30%) (Extended Data Fig. 1 and Extended Data Table 1)."
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