Frequency of purine analogue resistance

Value 1.5E-08 mutations/cell/generation
Organism Mammals
Reference Caskey CT, Kruh GD. The HPRT locus. Cell. 1979 Jan16(1):1-9. p.3 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID369702
Comments P.3 right column 2nd paragraph: "Early observations indicated that the frequency of purine analogue resistance was increased by treating cells with mutagens prior to selection. The spontaneous frequency of 8-AG[r] (8-Azaguanine resistance) or 6-TG[r] (6-thioguanine resistance) has been determined for a number of different cell types. While the precise frequency varies with the cell line, density, mutant expression time (Chu et al., 1969 O’Neill et al., 1977) and analogue type and concentration (Gillin et al., 1972 Sharp et al., 1973), it is reported to range from 10^-4 - 10^-6. In some studies, more careful analysis determined the frequency of spontaneous resistance to occur at 1.5×10^-8 per cell per generation."
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