Synthesis rate of ATP by F0F1 ATP synthase

Range >100 ATP/sec
Organism Unspecified
Reference F Dabbeni-Sala, AK Rai, G Lippe - 2012 - INTECH Open Access Publisher, F0F1 ATP Synthase: A Fascinating Challenge for Proteomics, link p.162 bottom paragraph
Primary Source Senior, A. E. (2007). ATP synthase: Motoring to the finish line. Cell ,Vol.130, No.2, pp. 220- 221PubMed ID17662937
Comments p.162 bottom paragraph:"Despite the differences in the complexity, functionally important subunits are conserved and in all sources the enzyme catalyses the synthesis of ATP by using the energy of the electrochemical gradient of protons (or less commonly of sodium) generated by the respiratory chain. F0F1 is an unusually efficient rotary motor that synthesizes ATP at rates exceeding 100 molecules per second (primary source)."
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