F0F1 ATP synthase molecular mass

Range 540 - 585 kDa
Organism Unspecified
Reference F Dabbeni-Sala, AK Rai, G Lippe - 2012 - INTECH Open Access Publisher, F0F1 ATP Synthase: A Fascinating Challenge for Proteomics, link p.161 2nd paragraph
Comments p.161 2nd paragraph:"F0F1 ATP synthase is the terminal enzyme of the oxidative phosphorylation pathway (named complex V of the OXPHOS system) that is responsible for the majority of ATP synthesis in all living cells (Boyer, 1997). It is an exceptionally complicated protein complex, whose molecular mass varies from 540 to 585 kDa depending on the source, which is organized into a globular catalytic part (F1) and a membranous moiety (F0) linked by central and peripheral stalks."
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