Junctional acetylcholine receptor site densities

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Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Matthews-Bellinger JA, Salpeter MM. Fine structural distribution of acetylcholine receptors at developing mouse neuromuscular junctions. J Neurosci. 1983 Mar3(3):644-57. p.653 table IIIPubMed ID6827314
Method "Junctional acetylcholine receptor site densities ([125I]a-BTX binding site densities) were determined for developing endplates in EDL [Extensor digitorum longus] muscles at 1, 3, 5, and 14 days after birth and for adults (>3 months). All animals were of strain 129/ReJ: the number of animals sampled at each age is indicated in parentheses. All of the immature muscles and three of the five adult muscles were labeled after prefixation. Junctional site densities (mean and standard error) are expressed both as sites/µm^2 of junctional surface (sites/µm^2 1° cleft midline) and as sites/µm^2 of specialized thickened membrane. Since, as indicated, at least 200 autoradiographic grains were collected for each analysis, the overall autoradiographic sampling error 100/(N^0.5) at each stage was always <10%."
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