Experimental data for hepatic glucose production (HGP), gluconeogenesis (GNG), glycogenolysis (GLY)

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Konig M, Bulik S, Holzhütter HG. 2012. Quantifying the contribution of the liver to glucose homeostasis: a detailed kinetic model of human hepatic glucose metabolism. PLOS Computational Biology 8:e1002577. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002577. p.6 table 2PubMed ID22761565
Primary Source [2] Nuttall FQ, Ngo A, Gannon MC (2008) Regulation of hepatic glucose production and the role of gluconeogenesis in humans: is the rate of gluconeogenesis constant? Diabetes Metab Res Rev 24: 438–458PubMed ID18561209
Method See methods on left of table
Comments "Experimental data (Table 2, Dataset S1) was extracted from figures and tables of 25 independent studies with different tracer methods. See [primary source] for review and Table 2 for detailed references, used methods and experimental data. Every data point is the mean for multiple subjects from one of the studies. No data points were omitted."
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