A comparison of estimates of cell birth rates (KB) in various tissues

Range Table - link cells/1000 cells/hour
Organism Rodent
Reference Nicholas A. Wright, Malcolm Alison, The biology of epithelial cell populations, Volume 1 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1984 p.144 table 3.6
Method "...both stathmokinetic and autoradiographic methods...found from metaphase arrest and fraction labelled mitoses experiments."
Comments "Table 3.6 shows some instances where the birth rates have been measured in the same tissue, and kinetic situation, with both stathmokinetic and autoradiographic methods: in this case the FLM [fraction of labelled mitoses] method has been used to calculate the birth rate, from values for the cell cycle time and growth fraction...KB [birth rate of new cells] is expressed in cells/1000 cells/hour" See notes above and beneath table
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