Genome size data available in land plants as of 2013

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Organism Plants
Reference Dr. Ilia J. Leitch, Prof. Andrew R. Leitch, Genome Size Diversity and Evolution in Land Plants, Plant Genome Diversity Volume 2, 2013, pp 307-322 p.308 table 19.1
Comments "Overall, 1Cvalues range 38-fold from 0.211 pg in Lejeunea cavifolia (Lejeuneaceae) to 7.966 pg in Mylia taylorii (Myliaceae) (Table 19.1) with no significant difference in the ranges encountered in thallose (1C=0.293–7.966 pg) and foliose (0.211–0.757 pg) liverworts (Temsch et al. 2010)."
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