Diffusion coefficient of GFP–MotB in membrane

Value 0.0075 μm^2/sec Range: ±0.0013 μm^2/sec
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Leake MC, Chandler JH, Wadhams GH, Bai F, Berry RM, Armitage JP. Stoichiometry and turnover in single, functioning membrane protein complexes. Nature. 2006 Sep 21 443(7109):355-8. p.357 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID16971952
Method "Fitting all of the membrane FRAP [Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching] data from ROIs [Regions Of Interest] lacking motors to a model of a diffusing GFP–MotB membrane pool gave a diffusion coefficient, D, of 0.0075±0.0013µm^2/sec (Supplementary Methods 6)"
Comments "[Researchers] obtained an independent, single-molecule estimate, D=0.0088±0.0026µm^2/sec, by tracking mobile fluorescent spots that could occasionally be resolved after prebleaching (Supplementary Methods 6 and Supplementary Videos 3 and 4)."
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