Rate constant for conversion of CO2 to HCO3-

Value 0.036 sec^-1
Organism Generic
Reference Dieter A. Wolf-Gladrow, Ulf Riebesell, Steffen Burkhardt and Jelle Bijma, Direct effects of CO2 concentration on growth and isotopic composition of marine plankton, Tellus (1999), 51B, 461–476 p.463 right column bottom paragraph
Primary Source Johnson, K. S. 1982. Carbon dioxide hydration and dehydration kinetics in seawater. L imnol. Oceanogr. 27, 849–855.
Comments "The reactions of the various compounds of the carbonate system are very fast (diffusion controlled) with one exception: the conversion between CO2 and HCO3- is slow (t˜30 s based on a rate constant of 0.036 s-1, primary source)."
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