Metabolite Levels in B. nigra Suspension Cells

Range Table - link nmol/g fresh wt
Organism Plant Brassica nigra
Reference Duff SM, Moorhead GB, Lefebvre DD, Plaxton WC. Phosphate Starvation Inducible Bypasses' of Adenylate and Phosphate Dependent Glycolytic Enzymes in Brassica nigra Suspension Cells. Plant Physiol. 1989 Aug90(4):1275-8. p.1276 table 1PubMed ID16666922
Method See note above table
Comments Pi starvation of Brassica nigra suspension cells caused the levels of ADP, ATP, and Pi to decrease markedly (Table I). In contrast, concentrations of free amino acids increased about sixfold (Table I).
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