Effect of aortic constriction on myocardial concentration of phospholipids

Range Table - link μmol P/g wet weight
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Novák F, Kolár F, Vocu S, Vecka M, Nováková O. Pressure overload selectively increases n-3 PUFA in myocardial phospholipids during early postnatal period. Physiol Res. 2012 Jul 24 61 Suppl 1:S155-63. p.s158 table 2PubMed ID22827872
Method The hearts were dissected free of atrial tissue and large blood vessels and the right ventricular (RV) free wall and septum were separated from the LV (left ventricle).
Comments Table 2 presents the developmental changes in the concentration of individual PL (phospholipids) species in LV (left ventricle) of intact animals between days 2 and 10 and the effects caused by SO (sham-operation) and AC (aortic constriction).
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