Size range for individual parenchyma cells

Range 28,400 to 411,000 μm^3
Organism Grape vine Vitis vinifera
Reference Gray JD, Kolesik P, Høj PB, Coombe BG. Technical Advance: Confocal measurement of the three-dimensional size and shape of plant parenchyma cells in a developing fruit tissue. Plant J. 1999 Jul19(2):229-236. p.232 left columnPubMed ID10476070
Method Two-dimensional binary overlays of cell walls and wall enclosed spaces from single optical slices were integrated to form 3D images.
Comments The size range for individual cells extended more than 14-fold, from 28,400µm^3 to 411,000µm^3 (mean = 143,000µm^3, SD= 115,000µm^3, n = 29).
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