Fraction of proteasomes present as 26 S complexes in HeLa cells

Range 50 to 60 %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Hendil KB, Hartmann-Petersen R, Tanaka K. 26 S proteasomes function as stable entities. J Mol Biol. 2002 Jan 25 315(4):627-36. p.628 right column top paragraphPubMed ID11812135
Method Quantitative immuno-blotting
Comments Fractions with 26 S proteasomes and 20 S proteasomes, respectively, were pooled as indicated in Figure 1 and analysed by quantitative immuno-blotting for determination of core 20 S proteasomes. Results from such experiments showed that 50-60% of the proteasomes were present as 26 S complexes (data not shown), so as previously reported (PMID 10799514) roughly half of the proteasomes in HeLa cells are not associated with PA700.
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