Number of nucleotides of mRNA protected by tightly packed ribosome pairs

Range 58 to 62 Nucleotides
Organism Unspecified
Reference Ingolia NT, Lareau LF, Weissman JS. Ribosome profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells reveals the complexity and dynamics of mammalian proteomes. Cell. 2011 Nov 11 147(4):789-802 p.790 left column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID22056041
Primary Source Wolin SL, Walter P. Ribosome pausing and stacking during translation of a eukaryotic mRNA. EMBO J. 1988 Nov7(11):3559-69.PubMed ID2850168
Comments Protected mRNA fragments from single ribosomes were purified by PAGE, as fragments that derive from other ribosomal complexes are longer—tightly packed ribosome pairs protect 58–62 nt of mRNA (primary source), and 48S preinitiation complexes are reported to protect 50 nt or 70 nt under different conditions.
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