Number of adipocytes added per year to lean and obese individuals

Range 0.8±0.5 obese individuals: 0.3±0.2 lean individuals х10^10 cells/year
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Spalding, KL et al. Dynamics of fat cell turnover in humans. Nature. May 2008. 453(7196):783-7. p.786 left column top paragraphPubMed ID18454136
Method Researchers used a recently developed method that is based on the incorporation of 14C from nuclear bomb tests into genomic DNA and allows the analysis of cell turnover in humans. Using the death-rate estimates and the fat cell numbers calculated for individual subjects, absolute fat cell production was calculated.
Comments Obese individuals were found to have a significantly greater number of adipocytes added per year than lean individuals: (0.8±0.5)?10^10 cells per yr versus (0.3±0.2)?10^10 cells per yr (median±average deviation P<0.01, ANOVA Fig. 4b).
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