Percentage of root tip cell volume occupied by cytoplasm

Value 77 %
Organism Mung bean Vigna radiata
Reference Owens T, Poole RJ. Regulation of cytoplasmic and vacuolar volumes by plant cells in suspension culture. Plant Physiol. 1979 Nov64(5):900-4. p.903 left column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID16661079
Primary Source Gerson DF, Poole RJ. Chloride accumulation by mung bean root tips: a low affinity active transport system at the plasmalemma. Plant Physiol. 1972 Nov50(5):603-7.PubMed ID16658226
Comments In the cytoplasmic cells of the first 1 mm of the mung bean root tip, cytoplasm was found to occupy an average of 77% of the intracellular volume (primary source)
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