Excited-state absorption cross section at 680 nm for LHC-II

Value 15 Å^2 Range: ±0.2 Å^2
Organism Pea Pisum sativum
Reference Schubert A, Beenken WJ, Stiel H, Voigt B, Leupold D, Lokstein H. Excitonic coupling of chlorophylls in the plant light-harvesting complex LHC-II. Biophys J. 2002 Feb82(2):1030-9. p.1032 right column top paragraphPubMed ID11806942
Method Nonlinear absorption spectroscopy (NLA)
Comments Fitting the NLA curve displayed in Fig. 3 yields a ground-state absorption cross section of 1.3(±0.2) 10 ^-15 cm2 at 680 nm for LHC-II (and 1.5(±0.2) 10 ^-15 cm2 for excited state absorption).
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