Escape rate constant at 25˚C of glycerol from a vesicle having a 0.005 cm radius

Value 0.00324 sec^-1
Organism Generic
Reference Weber AL. Kinetics of organic transformations under mild aqueous conditions: implications for the origin of life and its metabolism. Orig Life Evol Biosph. 2004 Oct34(5):473-95. p.477 top paragraphPubMed ID15573498
Method Equation E1, J/V = PA/V[S], where J is the flux (moles sec-1), V is the vesicle’s volume (cm3), P is the membrane permeability coefficient (cm sec-1), A is the membrane’s area (cm2), and [S] is the solute concentration inside the vesicle (moles/cm3)
Comments t1/2 = 214 sec =ln2/Kescape
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