Width of microfibrils

Range 8 to 15 nm
Organism Onion Allium cepa
Reference M. C. McCann, B. Wells and K. Roberts Direct visualization of cross-links in the primary plant cell wall, Journal of Cell Science 96, 323-334 (1990) p.326 right column
Method Electron microscopy and Fast-freeze, deep etch, rotary-shadowing stereomicroscopy method developed by Heuser 1981, PMID 6267417
Comments If the thickness of the platinum/ carbon shadow is taken into account, the microfibril has a diameter of 5-12 nm, in good agreement with the 5-10 nm diameter in higher plants previously reported (Brown, 1982 Cellulose and Other Natural Polymer Systems: Biogenesis, Structure and Degradation).
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